Adjustable Cami Top and Pants - Flannel Navy Green Plaid


Adjustable Cami Top

Hand made in USA

Poly /Cotton Blend (Hand wash and hang dry)

Choose Size: XXSmall or One Size

XXSmall (Youth Size)

Bust: 30 - 33in

Length: 13in

One size (XSmall to Medium)

Bust: 35 - 38in

Length: 14in


Pants (With zipper on side and elastic back)

Hand made in USA

100% Polyester (Hand wash and hang dry)

Choose Size : XXSmall, XSmall, Small, or Medium


XXSmall (Youth Size)

Waist :  22-23in

Length : 34in



Waist :  24-25in

Length : 34in



Waist :  26-27in

Length : 34in



Waist :  28-29in

Length : 35in


Model: 5'8"

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